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Cost for Edge to Edge: starts at $0.02 per square inch, minimum of $60 for any quilt. Most patterns I have will stay at this price, unless it is very complex.

Cost Combination of Custom and Edge to Edge: starts at $0.025 per square inch, minimum of $60.

Additional costs: (May not apply to your order)

  • Needle and Thread Fee: Flat fee of $5.

  • Batting: I have available both 80/20 blend, and 100% cotton. I charge $0.35 per linear inch, and always cut 8 inches more than the shortest side to ensure enough space.

  • Custom PS design: $20/hour for design, regular price to stitch.

  • Backing seam: $15.00 for each seam.

  • Most thread colors are included in the price. (Metallic, special-order variegated, etc. are an additional fee.)


I can quilt just about any design you have in mind. I already have a large design library from you to choose from, but if none of them suit you, you’re welcome to find a design you DO love. I will bill you 50% of the cost of the design. If you can’t find anything that strikes your fancy, let’s talk and I’d be happy to try and design it for you myself!

To take a look at what I have, feel free to look at my design catalog here.

If you’d like to find a different design, Urban Elementz and My Creative Stitches are both great resources!

Sending in Your Quilt Top

When you’re ready to send in your quilt:

  • Snip all excess threads.

  • Iron the top and backing thoroughly.

  • Make sure batting and backing are at least 4 inches longer than the quilt top on all four sides.

  • Top should be squared and pressed.

  • Mark the top of the quilt and backing if you have a preference.

Turnaround time (for edge-to-edge) is 7-10 days from arrival of the quilt and agreement of details (design, thread color, etc); if you need it faster please let me know! Once I receive your quilt I will contact you to discuss design, thread, and additional choices if needed.


Your backing needs to be at least 4 inches longer than your quilt top on all four sides. For example, if you had a top that was 64” x 72”, your backing should be (at a minimum) 72” x 80”. The machine needs that extra space to attach to the leaders and enders, as well as for test stitching for tension. If you’d like your backing oriented a certain way, feel free to mark the top of both quilt and backing with painters tape.

Questions? Concerns?

That’s great! I love chatting about quilts. Send me an email at and lets talk!

Ready? Me too!

I'm excited to get to know you and help finish your quilt! Answer the following form and I'll reach out to you soon!

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