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Edge-2-Edge/E2E Quilting

Computerized quilting service for a top

  • Starts @ $0.02/
  • Lemon Quilts

Service Pricing

****Quilts can be dropped off up to 3 weeks before the chosen date, but must be brought in AT LEAST 24 hours prior to start of quilting date to avoid having to reschedule.**** Cost for Edge to Edge: starts at $0.02 per square inch, minimum of $60 for any quilt. Most patterns I have will stay at this price, unless it is very complex. Cost Combination of Custom and Edge to Edge: starts at $0.025 per square inch, minimum of $60. Additional costs: (May not apply to your order) Needle and Thread Fee: Flat fee of $5. Custom PS design: $20/hour. Backing seam: $15.00 for each seam. Most thread colors are included in the price. (Metallic, special-order variegated, etc. are an additional fee.) I can quilt just about any design you have in mind. I already have a large design library from you to choose from, but if none of them suit you, you’re welcome to find a design you DO love. I will bill you 50% of the cost of the design. If you can’t find anything that strikes your fancy, let’s talk and I’d be happy to try and design it for you myself! To take a look at what I have, feel free to look at my design catalog here. If you’d like to find a different design, Urban Elementz and My Creative Stitches are both great resources!

Contact Details

  • Lemon Quilts

    9175 Cherry Valley Avenue Southeast, Caledonia, MI, USA


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