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Disclaimer: I am NOT a professional pattern-maker. Hence why any pattern on here is free. Maybe, as I get better and my work gets better I’ll start charging, but for now, they’re free for the taking.

That being said, any pattern here comes with a small degree of risk. I write it as I go along, or usually write it before I’ve gotten very far at all. That means that I may miss something that I won’t discover until later. As I’m a stay at home mom with three littles, my quilting time is limited, so it could be awhile before I’m done with a particular quilt/pattern.

If you choose to make any of these patterns, please let me know how it worked for you! Were the directions easy to read, were the measurements correct, is there anything I could have done better? Let me know at

Rainbow Cabin

A modern take on a classic log cabin block.

Fat quarter friendly!

Skill Level: Confident Beginner

Star Daze BOM.png

Star Daze Block of the Month

A Block of the Month Sew along that has concluded! Download all the blocks below!

Illusion Quilt

Please note: I did not make this pattern up myself; I found it somewhere online in another language and in metrics. I lost the name of it/the creator when I lost my phone. I simply did my best to figure out measurements myself and wrote new directions in English and put the measurements in inches.


Vintage Picnic

Quilt designed by me. I haven't completed it yet, so pattern images are a little weird. I'll tighten it up after I complete the quilt.

Rainbow Bargello Rough Pattern

PLEASE NOTE: I’m making these directions off the top of my head based on when I made this quilt YEARS ago. There will be inaccuracies and mistakes. I will correct them as best I may as they are brought to my attention. That being said, please feel free to ask questions if you’re confused and I will try to explain as best I may.

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