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Welcome to the potions department of your local apotha-scary! Step inside this magical Digital Cuddle® minky, Halloween print. Wrought iron signs, old fashioned labels, and vintage ads tell the tale of charms and curses, tonics and tinctures, poisons and powders, of long ago. Gray tones, accented with purple and orange, put a whimsical spin on this witchy print. This bewitching Digital Cuddle® Spell On You is a quintessential Halloween print that is just the right choice for a wide array of Halloween projects; from blankets to pillows to festive, seasonal loungewear and more.


100% Polyester

58"/60" Wide


Sold by the HALF YARD - If you want 3 yards, you'd purchase 6 half yard units.

Spell On You Digital Cuddle

SKU: DR379808
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