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This hypnotizing snake printed minky known as Digital Cuddle® Slithery Snake features a striking black and white design. The serpentine white snakes create a mesmerizing visual effect against the black background, employing positive and negative space. Reminiscent of the popular chalkboard sketch look, this unique, captivating print is perfect for both Halloween projects and artsy year-round projects alike. The white snake outline slithers across the fabric, overlaid on the faded outline of serpentine thorny vines that create a kaleidoscopic look to the dimension and depth of this spellbinding print. The Digital Cuddle® Slithery Snake printed Cuddle® is as seasonal as it is versatile, making it an undeniably memorable choice for everything from apparel like scarves and loungewear to costumes and cosplay fabrics, throw pillows, blankets, Halloween decor and so much more.


100% Polyester

58"/60" Wide


Sold by the HALF YARD - If you want 3 yards, you'd purchase 6 half yard units.

Slithery Snake Digital Cuddle

SKU: DR379128
  • Regular
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