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T-Shirt Quilts


Pricing for T-Shirt quilts starts at $25 per shirt, minimum of 16 shirts. Each shirt will be cut to make 14'' blocks. Larger blocks are possible but do increase the price a bit.


What is included in that price?

  • Cutting and arranging of shirts

  • Interfacing

  • Assembly of quilt top

  • Batting and backing (solid color)

  • Quilting of the quilt in your desired design

  • Binding

I6 shirts will get you a roughly throw size quilt. 


In your email to me, please note the following:

  • Number of t-shirts.

  • Color of backing fabric desired.

  • Size of quilt wanted.

**Please don't wash t-shirts with fabric softener prior to dropping them off. It affects the quilting and sewing process!**


I require a $150 deposit at the time of shirt drop-off. This is to partly cover the cost of materials.


Depending on the design, size, and other factors, turnaround time from start of the quilt to finish can range from one to four months. I will try to give an accurate estimate of the time it will take until completion before the start of the quilt, but if it changes I will always notify you immediately. I will provide updates and photos to you along the creation process.


Once the quilt is finished, I will send you a final photo of your very own t-shirt quilt! The quilt will be shipped out as soon as the remaining balance is paid. 





























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